Monday, July 4, 2011


Carl Von Weiler

Dilston Grove

After my trip to V22, I walked over to the Southwark Park, on my bewildered walk, my sandals snapped... so therefore feeling a bit like a lost bird, I had a barefoot entree to the Dilston Grove Galleries. I actually ended up walking for nearly 2 hours barefoot (no stores in sight) before I found the Canada Water bus stop and took the first bus to anything that sounded familiar to me. In the end I jumped off at Hoxton Square bought some new cheap (comfortable, unbreakable) keds, went to the White Cube Gallery and had a large glass of wine at a cafe nearby.

But now, I want to show you what I found at the Dilston Grove. I met Carl Von Weiler finishing up his installation inside this old church, where he was kind enough to let me preview the work before the opening on Saturday.

Carl Von Weiler

The concept Wake that is a 6 weeks project that began with Anne Bean's yellow ribbons that were spit out into the room, followed by William Cobbing and David Cotterell who made use of these ribbons in their own way, by blocking off the light and making the ribbons shine or segmenting the ribbons. This week Carl Von Weiler collected all the ribbons packed it up tightly in sacks and hanged it up from the ceiling and let the light back into the space.

Anne Bean
(leftover ribbon in the front room)

Cafe Gallery

Walking to the other side of the park you end up at the Cafe Gallery where they had an exhibition called Archipelago. Also an installation that is in progress. The artists here constantly reworks their Art Work, therefore you can also be lucky to meet a few of them there changing or making their piece grow. Some of them also puts on a bit of a performance, but that happens more during the weekend.

Florence Peake

Helena Goldwater
Funnel of Love

Caroline Wilkinson
Audience Chamber

Caroline Wilkinson

I was fortunate enough to meet lovely Caroline Wilkinson while she was working on her puzzle mural. She says that she keeps coming back, trying to find new ways of bringing the photographic images together. It was wonderful to listen to her tell me about how the people and the landscapes intrigued her, like she had a love relationship that she could not let go of.

Emma Benson

Zoe Mendelson
Conscientious Objectophile

This drawing continues to grow over the entire wall.

Frog Morris & Lee Campbell
I like ducks/I like duck

This is two quite funny walls were you as a viewer can write a little note about whether you like ducks... or why you like to eat ducks. Situated in the middle of a park where the ducks are wandering around, I could not make myself put a note up at why I like to eat ducks but rather "I like Ducks". But there were quite a few recipes up there...

Michelle Griffiths
Human folk Bird

After my South London adventure with enjoyable discoveries and a failed fashion attempt. I will move my heals to East London tomorrow night for the Thomas Struth opening, at the Whitechapel Gallery

Happy 4th of July to all of you American friends out there!! Missing New York today!

With Love


  1. Seriously talented people. I love this.

  2. What an adventure and glad you got new shoes!

    Have fun at Whitechapel tomorrow!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Lucky you are!!
    Thanks for sharing these moments and works!

  4. those puzzle murals are pretty crazy. didn't understand what i was seeing at first.

  5. I hope you're having a lovely 4th in London lady!

  6. Hi Kristin, other people's creativity really inspires's great to learn about all the amazing artwork you post :)
    Claudia xo

  7. Fabulous pics, darling!
    Love the puzzle mural!


  8. How unlucky about the shoes but Im glad that you managed to get a new pair:) The puzzle mural is beautiful and how fantastic that you met the artist:) Happy Tuesday afternoon, my dear. I'm catching up on your posts today...I've been so busy lately:) Muah

  9. WOW that so amazing all the beautiful art.

    I would have been totally deflated if my sandals broke but I am too sensitive. :)

  10. great images of your trip... i love the puzzle pieces!!!

  11. Great...
    Have a nice day !
    Regards from France ,


  12. you just fall in to awesome art exhibits, ha! i love these :)

  13. two hours barefoot- oy vey-
    I love the puzzle piece work- and the post it's-