Monday, June 21, 2010

A clean slate!

30xA4 Kunstnerforbundet, 2009

Tina Jonsbu
It´s Monday and I am feeling like hosting a new beginning. Something simple, something light and bright. I have been thinking of these drawings by Tina Jonsbu for a while. My wonderful and warm friend Kirsten from Gjennom Ordene made me aware of her since we are all from the same small town Eidsvoll in Norway.

37,5 timers uke, 2005

Last week I concentrated on the dark side of art, this week I am at least beginning with light! Then we will just see where my mind and experiences will lead me. Life is full of surprises:)

7x ruteark med farget blyant,
Kunstnerforbundet, 2009

These drawings have a wonderful precision, like a mathematical beauty.

Stor formasjonstegning, 2008

I find that Tina Jonsbu is an Artist full of vigorous control. If you want to see more of her work check out her website here!

With that I wish you a fabulous week!
Today, will be my last day in the wonderful and crazy world of wedding dresses. Tomorrow I will have to make a decision. 

With Love Kristin


  1. Oh, gorgeous! Very intricate, and I agree, mathematical yet so lovely. Good luck with the wedding dress decision, take pictures! XO!

  2. Exquisite drawings!
    Fabulous post, darling!


  3. What beautiful drawings. I'm drawn to the pink of course. HA! I'm sorry it's harder to leave comments on le blog now. : (

  4. Those are such a beautiful drawings...Good luck with the wedding dress darling and have a wonderful day:)

  5. Just saw your comment with the wedding dress link...GORGEOUS!