Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mind and Matter

Untitled, 1970
(Gertrud Goldschmidt)

Mind and Matter

Funnily I wrote on Monday that we will see where my mind and experiences will lead me.
It led me straight to the "Mind and Matter" exhibit at the MoMA. And I swear it was coincidental, my heart actually skipped a beat when I walked right in on Gego. It was like I had asked for it, a continuation of the morning blog. Gego as an afterthought must be an inspiration to a lot of artists dealing with etchings and abstractions (like Tina Jonsbu).

Sphere, 1959

The exhibit centers around 12 international artists chosen for their alternative abstractions work.

Atsuko Tamaka 

Louis Nevelson
Hanging column 
from Dawns wedding feast

I was standing in awe together with another spectator, who said he was a textile collector in Bangkok, while viewing the Louis Bourgois books. She used textiles that she had saved throughout her life for this wonderful project.
Louis Bourgois
Ode a' loubli 2002

Maybe hard to see here but there was three beautiful etched silver metal sheets by:

Rachel Whiteread
Untitled nets 2002

And yes by the way, the wedding dress has been ordered. Puh:) One more thing to cross off on my list.
Have a wonderful Wednesday. I am packing my boy gang into a heated car up the Hudson River to a cute town called Elizaville for a visit and strawberry picking!

Love Kristin


  1. WOW! - do u have a lot of galleries by u?! - u get to see some amazing things!

    and YAYYYYYYYYYYY to the dress!!!!!! wooohoooo!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. i'm in jersey - one of my good friends is in Long Beach on LI .. by you? ... i never been to her place - but she has a condo right on the boardwalk/beach on Long Beach .. know the area?

  3. What a fabulous exhibit!
    Thanks for sharing these pics!


  4. Arresting work. I so enjoy my virtual museum trips through you! Am dying to know what dress you got, are you going to show up a picture? Enjoy your day, we went blueberry picking on Sunday, it was hot but 4.5 lbs. of blueberries later, so worth it! XO!

  5. Love the Sphere piece! Thanks for sharing.

  6. these are some pretty impressive pieces... have a nice one!!

  7. Yuppiiee to the dress and your weekend plans...:) How fun!
    That last piece is stunning..I wish I could see it in person:)
    Muah darling

  8. Did you get the one you showed me the link to??

  9. I could spend hours in this venue, LUV it!