Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid necklace by
the designer Heist


You might be wondering why I am writing about The Karate Kid Movie on an Art Blog?
But we should not forget the fantastic talent behind mainstream movies as well. Two of these are my good friends Veslemøy and Harald Zwart. Harald Zwart is the director for the Karate Kid Movie that premiered on Monday to an enthusiastic crowd.
The cute little story that I want to reflect on here is how they got the movie in the first place. 
The Film was already in development when Will Smith and Overbrook Entertainment were making a decision about who to pick as the Director. Harald knew this would be a great opportunity for him and of course would do his best to land the deal. But what distinguished him from the others was a model of the set that Harald and Veslemøy (his wife) decided to make. On late nights before the final meeting they sat up after the kids went to bed and built this model:

The fun fact here is that if you take the trip to the movies this weekend (opens tomorrow) you will see that the set looks exactly like this. 

I just can´t help but to think of all the teenagers out there who will have their first date or first kiss while seeing this film. Jaden is adorable in the film and so is the girl. The "evil" guy, the most kind boy in real life. A great feel good film for the whole family!


  1. Love that necklace!
    I need to learn how to do a high kick!


  2. That is so cool, Kristin! That set is amazing, good for them! I love it when effort pays off. You know, I probably wouldn't have gone to see this movie, but now, because of you, I think I will! XO!

  3. I love that necklace. I haven't seen that movie in years. It makes me old to think that I was a kid when it came out!

  4. I totally want to see it! And that necklace rockss!