Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A dream of what happened

Frank Brunner Paintings Oil on canvas

Echo I


Unfortunately I have had no time to transfer much experiences from the Art world to you the last week. It has been packed with wedding preparations and school has been closed so I have filled the days with adventures for the kids,  a sleepover in Connecticut and a sleepover in the Hudson River.

But on Saturday we were invited to the Norwegian painter Frank Brunner´s Atelier for a dinner for 12. His Atelier is gorgeously located in an old warehouse on a pier in Red Hook (NY). An enviable site for any artist.
The whole place and the atmosphere blew my mind. We had an exquisite candle lit dinner with lobster, cod baked in a fireplace and hot raspberries. The doors to the river was wide open to the waterfront and we had the greatest view of the Statue of Liberty. At the table sat the 12 glowing happy people and wow! what a fun night!

Frank Brunner Paintings Oil on canvas
Deconstruction I

Frank was born in Kristiansand in Norway and has studied in Oslo, St. Petersburg and at Yale in New Haven. He now lives in Brooklyn with his warmhearted wife Tone and their two sons (the same age as mine:).

Frank Brunner Paintings oil on canvas
Waiting 2007

Frank has had solo exhibits in Oslo (multiple times), in Paris and in New York.
The 45 degree series I have been fortunate enough to see in it´s full collection when it was shown at the Cynthia Broan Gallery in New York (Chelsea) in 2005. 

Frank Brunner Paintings oil on canvas
45˙ Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Frank Brunner Paintings oil on canvas
And also this has been one of the dark places on the earth #6

The light in this painting is stunning. I feel pulled in to the depth of it as if I am attracted to know more of the danger, is there a light of hope? No, I think it must be a fire from devastating beauty.

Frank Brunner Paintings oil on canvas
Montre with 68 birds

When I came back home Saturday from this fantastic evening I kept thinking the sentence "A dream of what happened". I feel a lot of his work is reflections, not only imaginary but with mirrors and water . There is a sense of having been there, been part of it, but then again was it not just a dream?
A dream that was fortunate enough to not evaporate but stayed on forever.

If you want to see more of Frank Brunner´s work, click here.

With Love Kristin


  1. Sounds like an amazing evening!

    Beautiful pieces!


  2. Amazing! Sooo jealous, that sounds like a wonderful evening! That art is gorgeous, I love the suitcase picture the most! How are the wedding preparations going?

  3. Sounds like an incredible night. Beautiful work too.

  4. Great blog Kristin! nice to see a blog focused on art with an eco twist!
    I happened to go to Kristiansand and visit Oslo´s art school many times, since a friend of mine who lives there, went to that school. It was a great experience! Really great artists in Norway, Brunner is a good example!

  5. What a fascinating post! I enjoyed the images and how you shared your evening. Thank you.

  6. Hia Kristin! Hope you're well? Hope those wedding plans are coming along? Wow these are great. I LOVE the botanical gardens one. Thanks for sharing. x

  7. Thank you all for lovely comments!
    Wedding plans are working its way snail like.
    Am I really getting married? Do I need to prepare? Yes, and it is fun:)

  8. i really love this work. the coloring is really working for me. and yay for wedding plans!! i was just married a month ago. how very exciting for you!