Monday, November 8, 2010

Carte Blanche

Maurizio Cattelan
Stephanie, 2003
Est. $1,500,000- $2,000,000
Sold At: 2,434,500

It has been an incredibly exciting weekend. Friday we were invited to the Studio of Claes Oldenburg, where he and his daughter showed us around his Soho Townhouse, and kindly let us peak at his past and future models for his projects.

On Saturday I first went to Bonham Auction house where Tate Doherty (head of Contemporary) talked about the Auction market. It is a packed Art Auction week in New York City, with all the big Auction houses holding Contemporary Art Auctions. Only very potential buyers get to attend these events, you must show proof of liquid cash of at least $1,000,000 to even bid and that still does not entitle you to an evening show invite. (The day shows are a little more lenient).

The event that is going to fire lose tonight is the "Carte Blanche" Auction at Philips de Pury & Company. An auction curated by the famous art adventurer Philip Segalot (also famous for his vibrant hairdo). This event will actually be part of the Auction houses history, since this will be the first ever curated auction show, and surely not the last.

Maurizio Cattelan
Est. $2,000,000- $3,000,000
Sold at: 2,994,500

 Jean-Michel Basquiat
Self Portrait, 1982
Est. $4,000,000-6,000,000
Sold At: 4,562,500

It was breathtaking to walk into Philips de Pury on Saturday. Right away you sense the amount of great quality Art that is being presented. The buzz and the excitement was filling up the big open rooms where the fashionable "potential" bidders were mingling.

"I have always been interested in the concept of curated sales, where the artworks are selected not for their market value but for their artistic quality, historical importance and coherence within the group. Here I tried to push this idea further by bringing together a small "collection" comprised of my favorite works by my favorite artists. The result is a true self-portrait, a close representation of my life as an art lover, an art collector and an art advisor."
         - Philippe Segalot

 Takashi Murakami
Miss ko2, 1997
Est. $4,000,000-$6,000,000
Sold At: $6,802,500

Yves Klein
SE 161 (1959?)
Est. $700,000-$900,000
Sold At: 1,314,500

Paul McCarthy
Mechanical Pig, 2005
Est. $2,500,000-$3,500,000

Felix Gonzales-Torres
"Untitled" 1992
Est. $4,000,000-6,000,000
Sold At: 4,562,500

My legally looted Felix Gonzales-Torres.
I had to taste one and I have two left, should they be framed?

Tonight at 6PM the show begins, and if you can't go there in person you can do what I am planing to do, watch it on the internet. Philips de Pury's web site.

With Love


  1. OMG you really had an amazing weekend, my dear
    Those are such a great pieces and I am going to watch the show too..Thanks for the link to the web:)
    Kisses and wish you a great Monday

  2. Oh, I can't stop looking at the Gonzales-Torres and Murakami pieces - but these are all amazing! It will be a *great* show! So glad you enjoyed the weekend, and sending good wishes as you gear up for the next two months pre-move - so exciting! (P.S. These photos remind me for some reason of the Design Museum in London, don't know why...something about innovative and creative work maybe :)).

  3. That's a wonderful studio visit.

    I looted a Gonzalez-Torres too...also on my desk. Hmm....not sure if it's legally looted or not though...

  4. It is actually allowed. I was so excited when I realized I could bring some with me home. Where did you get your piece? Bradford.

    The Auction is beginning now...:)

  5. I´d love to be there!!! i just finished reading Sarah Thornton´s ¨Seven days in the Art World¨ and this post was like the visuals the book lacks!!

  6. What a glorious weekend you had! You most definitely should frame those two pieces. :-)) Unfortunately for me, I missed viewing the online auction.
    Thank you once again for this fantastic art education. Inspiring.

  7. wow! what a treat! i had no idea you would ever have to prove liquid cash in that amount to be invited to an event like this. lucky girl!!!

  8. wow! what a treat! i had no idea you would ever have to prove liquid cash in that amount to be invited to an event like this. lucky girl!!!

  9. Put them in a shadow box! This makes me want to cut the legs off of a Barbie doll and call it art! LOL, I'm just kidding, Kristin! These are way cool, the pig reminds me of Damien Hirst! XX!

  10. wow this is as exculsive as it gets i guess i shall have to be happy seeing it on the web :)

  11. thanks for showing these collections!
    amazing like your weekend!

  12. Wow, how exciting and crazy to be an auction where you had to prove your net worth!

    Thanks for your sweet comment - will definitely be dreaming and researching!

  13. that is so interesting - having that much money to bid is big time, whoa! sadly, i'd be watching it from the computer, haha :)

  14. Wow how did you get the studio visit opportunity!? That is so incredible!

  15. I cannot believe you are moving to London!!! SO exciting!!!