Monday, November 1, 2010


Green/Green 2010

Chris Doyle
Andrew Edlin Gallery

I always try to make an incident have a positive or at least an exciting outcome. On Thursday evening I was taking the Subway from Penn Station to 23rd Street, but I started dreaming and ended up on 14th Street instead. I thought "Why did this happen?", "Am I supposed to meet somebody, see something?"
This time I think I was destined to see the Chris Doyle opening of his impressive video art exhibit "Waste_Generation". I strolled up Tenth Avenue and walked in to the Andrew Edlin Gallery totally unaware of what was going to hit me.

 Bird Void 2010
 Evergrow, 2010
 Evergrow (Sideview) 2010

The "Evergrow" Video/book/prayer book, bewitched me with it´s caleidoscopic images. I could just watch it forever. Meditative and a message bringer.  There are three editions of this one so if I had $8,000 to spend right now, this would be it. First time I actually deeply feel I that I would like to buy Video art and the reason might be that the artist has built a the monitor himself with media players and a synchronizer. Having this put up on a wall would make it special. Not shown on your regular TV but at a space where you would usually hang a painting...

 Stills from Waste_Generation, 2010
digital animation
6m 25s
music/sound design by Joe Arcidiacono

This film is fantastic, the images goes on into each other making the world catastrophes both beautiful and horrifying at the same time.  Chris Doyle used a paper factory in Maine as an example for his film and the story is inspired by "The Course of Empire" by the 19th Century painter Thomas Cole from the Hudson River School.

"First, I wanted to explore the way ornament has been used throughout history, and across civilizations, as a cultural representation of nature, Secondly, while the generation of waste is basically destructive, it serves a tremendous creative urge that is ultimately, and gloriously, the essence of being human."
              - Chris Doyle (Andrew Edlin Gallery)

I name Chris Doyle a perfect and brilliant example of an 
"ARTECO" artist.
Thanks for showing us how well it can be done through new medias.

With Love 


  1. Oh how funny, that's happened to me before (NYC streets seem so good at "leading" its walkers to where they need to be, even if they didn't realize it themselves!) - what brilliant work, I would've have indulged and easily spent hours there too, so very mesmerizing!

  2. I am so happy its not just me who daydreams. I often end up in the wrong place..hahha..Totally love his work and I could stand there for hours looking at those pieces :)
    Happy Monday my dear

  3. Et fanastisk utfall av dagdrømmerier. Spennende kunst, herlig når den griper sånn, god klem

  4. What an interest show...beautiful pieces. I love all the colors.

  5. So beautiful! I'm delighted at how you were open to your experience of being led to this exhibit. I probably would have huffed and puffed and been upset with myself. You allowed yourself to be taken through in the moment.

    Thanks for the wonderful introduction to Chris Doyle! His work is stunning.

  6. i love it and how graphic and current his work is...

  7. Very cool work ~ thanks for introducing me to this artist!


  8. I love these!!
    And you guys were astronauts???? HOW FUN!
    I went to art show last Friday, you'd be proud! I adored it. I'll post pics I think, eventually. It was young artists from the area.

  9. Did you see you can take home a beautiful little piece for $100? I want the book, too, but *sigh* I don't have thousands for art -- YET!

  10. Love the colors of this work, beautiful pieces.

  11. Video art is a really cool idea, it would be so much cooler than just a boring old TV. Lovely stuff, glad you had a little subway serendipity there! XX!

  12. I love these prints, especially the first one. :)SArahD

  13. Thank you for the wonderful comments! And maybe I should have taken one of the small pieces home? Maybe I still have time?

  14. The profiles in Bird Void are so striking!