Thursday, December 23, 2010

Transparent.... Christmas!

from the teapot show at the Rose Burlingham Gallery

Studio Visit

On Monday night I was invited to visit Eva Faye´s studio in downtown New York. Being welcomed into someone's studio can sometimes feel like you are invited into their heart, it has something sacred about it. This is how it felt like with Eva a heartwarming moment. 
I thought that the white and the transparent serious fit beautifully here as my Merry Christmas greeting to you. Eva Faye has a gentle and very careful thought out touch to her work, I can contemplate her deep consideration in every stroke or puncture.  She works mostly with oil, pencil, charcoal and lately vellum.

Please consider that the pictures I took make her work look a lot darker than they are in real.

Eva Faye

 "White Series"

"Transparent drawings"

This series is probably my favorite. It has a mystical ethnical beauty lingering over them.

 From the Oyster series


Eva Faye grew up in Norway but has lived in America most of her grown up life.
In February 2011 Norwegians will have a chance to see Eva Faye and Frank Brunner's work at Bærum Kunstforening.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holliday


  1. Håper du får en strålende jul og tusen takk for hyggelige kommentarer i bloggen min. Det blir jeg så glad for!

  2. I love that, that there's a sacred feeling to entering someone's studio space - it's so true! Her work is so delicate and beautiful! I may not have internet after today, so wanted to wish you the most wonderful Christmas and New Year's, Kristin! It's been lovely seeing and learning through your beautiful posts and may the new year bring terrific opportunities and memories!

  3. Ooo- I love the Oyster series- beautiful work!

  4. Wow these are really interesting. They seem so delicate. Beautiful!

  5. Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing this artist and her studio.
    Merry Christmas Kristin. I hope you have a joyous holiday and Happy New Year!