Monday, December 6, 2010

Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

Paul McCarthy
Untitled (from Propo-Series)
(Dirty Dotty), 2002

Miami Highlights

Friday was one crazy and busy day.
We flew out of JFK early in the morning and arrived at Miami Airport, where my man rented a silver Corvette with a big happy grin on his face. Being a little worried about the speed... but good to get to the Norton Museum in Palm Beach quickly. After seeing the Museum and peaking at the fabulous Nick Cave (don´t confuse him with the musician) installation, we had a meeting with the director Hope Alswang before we cruised back to Miami Beach to experience the Art Basel Fair.

Bharti Kher
Solarium Series I
Fiberglass, metal

Bharti Kher
Indra´s net mirror 5
Bindis on mirror, wooden Frame

Among the many Galleries that I am a great fan of is the Hauser & Wirth, at the Fair they were showing Paul McCarthy (whose work I can be a bit ambivalent with), Bharti Kher, a new favorite of mine, Anj Smith, Roni Horn and Joan Mitchell.

Joan Mitchell
Untitled 1968-1969
Oil on canvas

Vik Muniz
The Bearer (Irma) from Pictures of Garbage
Arndt & Partner (Zurich, Berlin)

This conceptual picture here is fenomenal. I will call Vik Muniz an ArtEco Artist. Born in Sao Paulo Brazil (where my husband is right now...). now he lives and works in New York.
This sold on the first day of Art Basel (should I say, of course?)

In a labor-intensive and meticulous process, Vik Muniz reproduces images the Western viewer is familiar with from the print media, such as art masterpieces or legendary photographs from news magazines. After he has created his replicas, using a wide range of materials such as powdered pigment, dust, garbage or foods like sugar, chocolate and caviar, he photographs them and then destroys them so that they only exist as photographs. Viewed from a distance, the illusionistic effect and the resemblance of his works to the original pictures are striking. However, when seen up close the images dissolve into a chaotic array of materials, thus turning the attention of the viewer to the symbolic meaning and the formal characteristics of the substances as well as to the elaborate production process. 
(From Arndt & Partner Website)
Maria Nepomuceno
Untitled, 2010
Ropes, Beads, Fiberglass, Resine and Ceramic
Gallery: A Gentil Carioca (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

Check out this Gallery´s imaginative website... a sort of sperm factory? 

Yaoi Kusama
Pumpkin, 2010
(Behind "The Earth in late summer)

A conceptual Artist born in Japan now lives in New York, who calls herself an "obsessive artist".
Holds one of the highest sold records at Auctions for a living female.

Angela de la Cruz
Squashed (2010)
Nothing IX (White), 2005
oil on Canvas
Galerie Krinzinger Vienna

Is a finalist for the Turner Prize this year. I think they will announce the winner later tonight. Will keep you updated. (The Turner Prize is the most prestigious award an Artist can get that lives and work in Britain).

Great boots for watching Video Art.

Allora & Calzadilla
Petrified Petrol Pump, 2010
Fossilised Limestone
Lisson Gallery

Through sculpture, photography, performance, sound and video, Allora and Calzadilla's works have been informed by questions of mark making, traces, and survival in a way that is simultaneously conceptual, metaphorical and spatial. Their understanding of material and metaphor as a couple is crucial; for them a material is never simply self-evident in its meaning, it is always marked with histories, cultures, and politics that are at once irreducible to and indivisible from the material in question. Another recurrent trope in their work is that of animality, and its unstable relationship to the realm of the human. Most recently, they have created a series of works that explore the interplay between militarism and sound in the context of today's global state of war.
 - Lisson Gallery

This Limestone petrol pump is incredible seen up close. New Artists to me, they live and work in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Anish Kapoor
Untitled, 2010
Fiberglass and Paint

Good Anish Kapoor, brightening my view:)

Nathan Carter
Norway, Bergen Arial, 1942, 2009
Steel and enamel paint
Gallery: Galerist (Turkey)

The title here of course was inviting to me (since I am Norwegian and have lived in Bergen at one point). Sort of a newer version of Calder?

Elif Uras
Line Belly, 2010
Iznikware, polychrome underglaze on fritware
Gallerist: Galerist (Turkey)

 Elif Uras
Byzantine Belly, 2010
Iznikware, polychrome underglaze on fritware

 Loving these belly vases (A collection of 8 I think). All sold already.

Georg Condo
Not titled yet (2010)

As Esquire writes: Forget about buying a condo — buy a Condo...

David Altmejd
Untitled, 2010
Foam, epoxy clay, synthetic hair, acrylic pain, 
mixed minerals, including quartz, calcite, florite
Andrea Rosen Gallery

Elliott Hundley
With Her own hands, 2010
Let the whole house crash, season III, 2010
Gallery Andrea Rosen

Success is in the details... here the amazing Andrea Rosen Gallery with pieces by Elliott Hundley and David Altmejd.

Juan Genoves (b. 1930)
Espacio Publico, 2010
acrylic on canvas on board
Marlborough Gallery

(Insert) Espacio Publico

Juan Genoves
Contemporaneos, 2010

Distancias, 2010

My favorites were actually these paintings by the Spanish artist Juan Genoves. Look what a great technique he has by doing this brilliant splash of paint that makes people.

Louise Bourgeois
Spider Home, 2002
The institute, 2002

The mini versions of the large spider. You just have to love her!!

Tim Prentice
Maquette for Jackson, 2010
Aluminium and stainless steel
Maxwell Davidson Gallery

Pedro S. De Movellan
Phoenix, 2008
Laminated Carbon fiber laminate, powder coated aluminum and 
brass, brushed aluminum, stainless steel
Maxwell Davidson Gallery

I just realized that I sat next to the owner of this gallery at a dinner party a while back in June, Maxwell Davidson and his wonderful wife. I have not had a chance to visit his Gallery yet. At the Art Basel Fair, their booth were filled with these wonderful airy sculptures all just slightly moving, like as if you were blowing on them. Gorgeous!

After the immense amount of impressions we managed to squeeze in a light dinner at the new Soho Beach House club. Managed to relax for a short time in the new rustic and intimate atmosphere before we took the late night flight back to New York.

A long post that could have been longer... hope you enjoy it!

With Love


  1. What great photos- I love the Vic Muniez- so wonderful- glad you had such a great weekend!

  2. So many amazing pieces..The Byzantine Belly and Line Belly are my favourites:) Sounds like you had an amazing time...So glad! Hugs and kisses

  3. Wow, there is so much amazing goodness here! I love the Vic Muniz, the first Bharti Kher and first Elif Uras, and of course the Louise Bourgeois! But they are all fantastic artists - how lovely of you to share all this with us. It's just what I needed to see on this too-long Monday - thank you!

  4. Great Yaoi Kusama piece and I've really loved Anish Kapoor since seeing his exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts last year - striking, visceral, and realistic!

  5. Marie-Claude JacquesDecember 6, 2010 at 9:40 PM

    You know I am a Louis Bourgeois addict-)

  6. thanks for sharing! i loved Bharti Kher's piece the best! love stopping by here and updating my art knowledge :)

  7. I really like the Joan Mitchell oil on canvas...and everything is so interesting though. i can't believe you guys rented a corvette, that is awesome :)

  8. Love the vases and the last two sculptures!
    And your new profile pic is fabulous!


  9. Thank you all for your comments::)
    The winner for the Turner Prize was announced last night:
    Glasgow born Susan Philipsz, first artist working primarily in sound to be shortlisted. Her installation is called "Lowlands"

  10. Gosh these pieces are amazing, I always feel like I'm right there when I'm reading your blog!

  11. it would be so amazing to go to Art Basel... esp in Miami!