Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nick Cave


"Meet Me at the Center of the Earth"
Norton Museum
West Palm Beach, Florida

I always get intrigued by successful people that share the same or similar names. Like Paul McCartney the Musician and Paul McCharty the Artist. Now it is all about Nick Cave the artist and what I hear in the back of my head is my favorite deadly romantic song "Where the wild roses grow" a duet Nick Cave the Musician did with Kylie Minogue. It is to cry for....

Anyway, Nick Cave the Artist´s work is a far cry from the wild roses. The former dancer and director of Chicago´s Art institute fashion program creates a whole world of his own.

He makes soundsuits


Look at the details in his work, perfectly stitched garments made out of scavenged materials like sweaters, ceramics, human hair, beads, buttons...

In the end the Soundsuits takes it's inspiration by everything from High fashion, African Culture, the Mardi Gras festival to Ceremonial Costumes and from this he creates his whole new integrated Universe.

Nick Cave offers a vision of a world turned upside down and inside out. (Norton Museum)

How new, how exciting and what incredible talent, don't you think? I just wished I could have stayed longer at the Norton Museum and studied his work more, now I look forward to seeing his work again one day.

Love Kristin

#By the way I just discovered that I have had over 5,300 page viewers this month. Makes me astoundingly excited and inspired!

#Usually on this blog I take my own pictures, but these are not mine, and they are very hard to find the source for.
Let me know if you know:)


  1. Ooh, as soon as you mentioned Nick Cave the other day, I was also fascinated given his shared name with the musician (heehee, and I love your "it is to cry for...")

    I love the melding of all these colours with the idea of dance. It's like the movement transforms all these pieces into another form. Thank you for sharing more on this fabulous artist - love learning about all this on your blog! :)

  2. This is truly incredible...I love getting to know new ways of art expression and this is so cool...The detailing is stunning and the creative process very interesting! Thanks, darling

    Btw; congrats on the number of blog viewers:) Muah

    Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Holiday Parties!

  3. What a great artist- He is is certainly inspiring.
    I like his use of bright color combinations.

  4. I saw this at UCLA's Fowler Museum. Fabulous.

  5. Wonderfull work! i think is really refreshing and original!!!

    Maybe some names are destined to achive success, maybe when you grow up knowing someone with a similar name was a hit, you just try harder...
    anyway, great post and great artist!!!!

  6. Thanks Kristin, I didn't know him, and he is so cool , the colors, and movement is amazing and very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm not surprised a bit that you've had that many page views!

  8. this guy is COOL. i loved the twig costume in that video

  9. Wonderful work, the colors are great.
    Like Kristin, I'm not surprised you've had so many page views.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

  10. Really inventive and fun work!

    Congrats on your page views, darling!


  11. Wow! That art is stunning. I would love to look at that. :)SArahD

    PS Your wedding rings must be gorgeous. :)

  12. P.S. Just popping back in to say thank you so much for the lovely follow - that is so sweet of you! :)

  13. Amazing! And congrats on so many page views!

  14. very cool stuff... you always find unique shows/artists!

  15. Stopping by to thank you for the comment on my blog.

    I studied him in college, and saw his work in person before. Pictures just can't compare. And then you see the work and them in still form can't compare to the video. And then the video can't compare to live's just so amazing!

  16. this is really cool... i should try to go there and check it out! thanks for sticking around while i was MIA... have a great weekend!

  17. I love Nick Cave - he is my hero! Saw him and PJ Harvey live at Roskilde sometimes in the 90's and it was amazing :)

    More familiar with his music than his books or other art though!