Monday, May 10, 2010

Landscape as Appearance

Landscape 1

Levi Van Veluw

Another Dutch Artist 
This one doing wonders to his appearance

My work amounts to small researches into the valuations we assign to the things around us and the associations they engender in this way. Although these underlying reasons are not immediately apparent in the work, a very specific unsettling reaction is invoked in the viewer. Although the cause of this reaction is a mere piece of grey carpet, it is logical that people react to it in this way as the viewer is essentially forced to review his commonly-held notions about  this material.  The image succeeds in shifting the viewer’s perception, be it in a very small way and about an unimportant subject.

Levi Van Veluw has achieved success in a very short time.
Not strange, this is Mind-Blowing!

Below, are more of his