Friday, May 14, 2010

We are all connected

time for a trim - Original

Time for a trim


It is Friday and I feel like laughing and smiling so I thought I would share some imaginative drawings with you. Every second day or so there pops up an e-mail with one of Marc Johns drawings on it and they always make me feel better. If you want to join me in on some remarkable dry humor do it here.
If you plan to buy one of his drawings, do it as quickly as you see it, they seem to go like hot sweet rolls.

Attach A to B - Original
Attach A to B and everything should be peachy.
I am the happiest - Original
I am the happiest
This moustache is dangerous - Original
This moustache is dangerous
I'm a bit shy - Original
I am a bit shy
We are all conected - Original
We are all connected, and shall remain so.

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  1. Thank you for visiting! I am loving the world you have created here! About to spend many hours looking through it...:)
    I really like the idea of Marc Johns' fun drawings in my inbox everyday. Thanks for sharing!