Friday, May 7, 2010

Landscape in Distress

Ruigord 2, 2002


There has not been much time for me to blog lately
but I would love to bring forth to you this
great Dutch Eco Photographer.
He reminds us of how the flowers were imported to the Netherlands in the 
17th Century, and how they then got cultivated, hybridized and modified.
Berger takes pictures contrasting or bringing together beauty and infrastructure.
His initiative is to make us remember to enjoy true nature,
 whenever that comes around.

Is it possible to find natural flowers for Mothers day?
If so, one should probably let them rest where they are 
for hopefully more to come:)


Paarse Tulpen

Accotement Fleuri (2005)

Pictures from Bonni Benrubi Gallery (except Ruigord 2)
Read more about the Artist in the fabulous ArtEco book:

Happy Mothers Day!

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