Thursday, May 27, 2010


Search (2008)

Yesterday, my boys and I was supposed to spend a hot summer day in Connecticut with friends. But then my girlfriends son got sick and the plans shattered. I thought, better get the most out of the day anyway, and since I was in the mood for action and as usual had my mind on Art, Art, Art. I dropped my 3 year old off at school and cruised into Brooklyn Museum with my 19 month old to see the Kiki Smith show, that I had been eager to see for a while.
I have been fascinated by Kiki Smith´s art since I saw the "Identical twins" piece at MoMA in 2005. Kiki Smith though has already had a three decade career, and still does look quite young. She is thought of as an American Artist, but she was actually born in Nuremberg (1954) which is a charming old city that i often visit, especially since that is where my Man was born as well.

Annunciation 2008

Most pieces here are from 2008. That must have had an incredibly productive year for her, or is she always this active I wonder?

Singer 2008
cast aluminium

"Kiki Smith: Sojourn draws on a variety of universal experiences, from the milestones of birth and death to quotidian experiences such as the daily chores of domestic life.....

...In Sojourn, Smith, who is known for a psychologically acute, non-narrative approach to constructing installations, begins from the position of the adult female artist and cycles through a series of experiences and artistic genres that venture far beyond the autobiographical. Religion, mythology, and spirituality surface repeatedly throughout Smith’s work, and in this installation, the Annunciation is used as a metaphor for identifying the unknown and unexpected sources female artists draw upon for inspiration. Sojourn presents a variety of work by the artist in a range of media, including unique sculpture, cast objects, collage, drawing, and photography."
Brooklyn Museum

(insert) her bouquet 2007-8

I love this bird... and somehow I did not write down the title, if you go to the museum please let me know!

(insert) Heute (now) 2008
Wood, Glass

It might be hard to see in this picture but the glass flowers in the coffin are stunning.

I was incredibly lucky this lovely guard named Geraldine was there. She played games and entertained my boy so I could have some time to enjoy the art. Sometimes New Yorkers can nearly shock you with their care, it makes you feel so glad you live here. Not only did she care about children she made sure I and others did not miss out on the most fantastic and fun part of the whole exhibit. The puppets placed in the 18th Century Period rooms in the Decorative Arts section. I would have totally missed out on this, if it was not for Geraldine. Just this section alone is worth a trip out to Brooklyn Museum.

Seated puppet 2008

Walking puppet 2008

The only thing I missed about this exhibit is that I wished it was longer, and maybe that is the intention of the show "Sojourn"? it is all just temporarily....


  1. What a fantastic exhibit!!! I love the bird one too... It's great that you got to see it all!

  2. Just got a message from Brooklyn Museum I have no idea how they found out about my blog. Made my day:) & for us that have kids here are some info:

    I am the publicist for the Kiki Smith exhibition. I really enjoyed your post about the show. Just wanted to let you know that we have a family program for children 18 months to 3 years old called Meet the Museum. It isn't happening in June, but there will meet up in July on Wednesdays from 10:15 to 11 am. From what I hear it is pretty fun, the kids sing songs, do art exercises and visit the galleries. It is also free with Museum admission.

    And Gerry is pretty amazing, I love when I work with her. She is incredibly nice.

    Thanks again,
    Marcus Romero

  3. What an amazing exhibit. WOW!