Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Utopian Treasure Jungle

(insert) Mandala, 2010 

Ming Fay
Next door to the Saramouche Gallery on Orchard Street is the Lesley Heller Workspace. At the moment they are showing the artist Ming Fay´s work in their Gallery 1. 
The exhibit is like a breath of flavor after coming in from the "Grid" of the Manhattan streets. An enchanting and playful garden, but not without an underlayer of a slightly morbid sense. Like magnificently beautiful flowers can cultivate on the most artificial ground.
Flame plant 2010

Quotes from Ming Fay´s Statement:

I consider myself a scientist of sorts and my studio a laboratory. I continually research and collect natural forms that have specific symbolisms, usages and aesthetic intrigue. The artwork is an outgrowth of my inventory of seeds, herbs, bones and mysteries objects. In time I decipher some of their usages both metaphorically and literally and start to investigate new forms that I have heard about but never seen.
As I went deeper into the realm of symbolic plant forms that fulfilled human needs or desires, I started to invent and make my own discoveries of forms related to concepts of reproduction, rejuvenation and other human desires. These hybrid inventions while still realistic in form do not represent a specific natural species. They are often the result of a composite of characteristics and also contain personal and a collaged form of symbolism....
....the concept of a garden as a symbol of abundance, paradise and the location for the ultimate artificial utopian treasure jungle.

(small insert) Flame Plant Buckeye Wall Installation, 2010

(A bit unsure but I think this is part of) 
Square Fruit Vine, 2010

Not the easiest exhibit to capture with a camera but limits are often fun to deal with, like in this instance.
I guess I should actually say the abundance is hard to capture... but it is bewitching... 
.....like that poisoned apple!


  1. Very unique... such creative minds out there!

  2. beautiful artwork. i wish i can enjoy the real exhibition with my own eyes =)

  3. Beautifully written and presented post!
    Really interesting work!


  4. That is fascinating! I love it all!
    Wish I could see it in real :)

  5. loves it! - love the color and work! - thanks for sharing lovey!

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  6. Thank you all for your comments:) Love

  7. So unique and intriguing. She certainly is a scientific artist. Very nice find.