Thursday, July 1, 2010

On it´s own for eternity

Dessau, Germany. April 1945

Henri Cartier-Bresson

The Henri Cartier- Bresson exhibition at MoMA is over. I finally managed to view it on one of its last days.
Each and every one of his photographs could use hours of interpretation, create a whole novel, prove a historical moment or just dig itself into your mind, simply on it´s own for eternity.

The photograph that made the strongest impression on me and that keep lingering in my mind is this picture from 1945. It was taken at a deportation camp between American and Soviet territory in Dessau. The Belgian woman in the picture is hitting a Gestapo informer whom she found trying to hide in the crowd.

I am in awe at how Henri Cartier-Bresson captured this second of action, seemingly before the people in the crowd even manage to react. The anger and the guilt portrayed here will always haunt me. The choices we make in life that can make or break us.

I hope goodness is stronger after all, and lets try to remember that:)

Love Kristin


  1. This was a very strong picture. And i agree with you - i hope goodness is strongest!

  2. So inspiring! Thank you for introducing me to this great photographer and his work!


  3. i need to get my butt back to MoMa - i haven't been there since my art class!

    PS - come by and pick up YOUR award!!!!
    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. Sounds like an amazing (albeit somewhat harrowing) exhibit!

    Happy 4th, darling!


  5. Wow incredible photograph! I love how the photo says it all!!! Great blog!

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  6. I read about this before and its so inspiring! Great photos sweetie and have a wonderful Monday

  7. That photo is haunting. Quick eye by the photog for sure!

  8. "The choices we make in life that can make or break us." Powerful words too. Thank you.