Friday, July 16, 2010

Activities for Saturday Nights

Activities for Saturday Nights, Part 1 (Paris 2008)
Painting by Pia MYrvoLD, photo by Petter Hegre ©


Pia MYrvoLD is probably one of the most beloved Norwegian artists at the moment. You can say she is quite untouchable when it comes to the wide spectrum of directions that her art takes you in. She began as a painter in the 1980´s with a debut in Paris. From there she has broaden out to include video, dance, architecture, fashion and performance Art as crafts she proves to master.
Her immense production is also breathtaking. Bellow I will show you pieces from what she has done so far this year.... and we still have many months left, for new wonders to be made:)

Mixed media painting exhibit at Gallery Nielsen in Skagen, Denmark:

"Forest VI" 
mixed media painting on canvas 90x90 cm, 2010 ©

Digital art, video and editions solo exhibit at Gallery A. in Oslo:

Yellow series IX (2010) ©

Exploration in landscape - Blue Diver (2010) ©

A whole series of these radiant colorful hanging sculptures in Paris:

PensiveMovementReflex - Signed Edition (Paris 2010) ©

"I love in-between
phenomena; things that fall
between two stools, or
connect gaps. They allow
borders to meet, in a space
where communication is
possible. It is in the realm of
the interfaces that our lives
take place and evolve"

Pia MYrvoLD - Interfaces statement

Pia MYrvoLD ©

To see more of her large varieties of intriguing and beautiful pieces (even modular carpets, and music ) click here.

Isn´t she incredibly exciting? Have a lovely weekend all!


  1. I adore mixed media!
    Gorgeous work!


  2. she sounds like a busy lady - and cool!
    i hope you loved bern!!

  3. Oh wow, she's very pretty, too! I love it when an artist works in a variety of mediums! Oh, and yes, Americans are very big on pedicures for some reason! XO !

  4. She IS incredibly exciting! Thanks for the introduction.

  5. What an utterly fabulous artist! She is SO exciting! A Massive thank you for sharing

    have a great week ahead


  6. She is exciting! Thanks for posting!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  7. I'm no expert, but what a talent! I'm in love with that piece from the Yellow Series!

  8. Thank you for the wonderful comments:)