Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Wish Your Wish

Rivane Neuenschwander
A day like any other
New Museum
If you feel out of luck one day or otherwise not your happy self? You should go for a visit to the New Museum right now. It's hosting one of the most uplifting and giving exhibits by the artist Rivane Neuenschwander. 
The exhibit includes past work like "Rain Rains" from 2002 with hanging leaking and receiving buckets, more beautiful than it sounds. And new ones like "A Conversation" Inspired by the Coppola movie with the same name. Here she raided a large corner space for Bug-devices. Funny idea, back in fashion now with all these Russian spies around, some whom might be hanging out at your next garden party....

My favorite was (of course) the "I Wish Your Wish" piece, and the attendance to this piece is even for free! It is installed in the lobby, in a large glass room where there are thousands of silk ribbons with different wish messages, hanging from small holes in the wall. 
I was allowed to pick two wishes, one was "I wish for a long life for my children" and another that is secret:). 
Michael, who works there (also an artist) helped twining these around my wrist and helpfully said; that one will have to wear them until they fall off, so the wish will come true. After this, you write down two of your own made up wishes to give back, then you place them in the empty wholes from the ribbons that have been taken. Maybe someone else will get your wish one day?

Rivane Neuenschwander´s idea came from a church from Brazil (Rivane is Brazilian) where they actually tied ribbons to their wrists and the gates to the church as a tradition. When they fell off their wishes was granted.

I took this blurry picture quickly in the elevator at the New Museum thinking I have a chance to take plenty more.... But, little did I know the ribbons disappeared during the evening that day, and I have no idea where and when? I guess that means my wishes are now granted?

I hope so! Sending good wishes to you all! 
with Love Kristin


  1. That wish for wish part is so sweet...Awww:)
    For sure they are granted....I bet!
    Thanks for the good wishes sweetie and I wish you a fantastic day:)

  2. I wish I can check it out, but alas.....too far!

  3. that would be Ralph, by the way!

  4. Oh, that is so cool! I love interactive, thoughtful things like this! Thanks for sharing, hope your wishes come true! XO!