Sunday, July 11, 2010

Essentials of a Woman


I just finished watching the 2009 biopic "Georgia O´Keeffe" about her life with Art and the relationship between her and the photographer Alfred Stieglitz. 
Alfred Stieglitz
(Georgia O´Keefe) 

(When they first met he obsessively took pictures of her, like he wanted to capture every piece of her body).

The film is also telling us the story of how Mr. Stieglitz brought her to recognition, and also through his demonic side and unfaithfulness made her choose to live a lonely life in Taos, New Mexico.
Joan Allen portrays Georgia O´Keeffe beautifully, and Jeremy Irons seldom disappoints, here as Alfred Stieglitz. 

I would like to remind you of her paintings together with O´Keeffe´s words that are said at the beginning of the movie.
Red Canna, 1925
Museum of Art University of Arizona

"I don´t trust words. Words and I are not good friends at all.
A painter using words, is like a baby trying to walk.
Better to let the picture speak on it´s own than try to help it
along with a word."

Calla Lillies on Pink, 1928
Philadelphia Museum of art

"What has happened to me in the past and how it has happened. 
I don´t think that´s anyone´s business, except my own.
You just look at the paintings, see what you can see in the paintings.
That´s all you have a right to see. 
That´s all I will allow you to see."

Jack-in-the pulpit No.IV 1930
From the National Gallery of Art collection

"Someone else´s vision will never be as good as
your own vision of yourself.
Live and die with it. 
Because in the end, that´s all you have.
Lose it and you lose yourself and everything else.

I should have listened to myself."

Pelvis with distance, 1943

Nobody will ever be able to paint flowers like her again, her unique interpretation and daring work makes her one of the most influential female artists of the 20th Century. She was also the first Woman to have a solo exhibit at MoMA.

With that I would like to wish you a fresh start on a new week, must it be good:)

With Love! Kristin


  1. Gorgeous selections!
    Must see this biopic!


  2. A beautiful tribute to G. O'Keeffe here! Kristin- you do a remarkable job of presenting art dynamically and with passion. Thank you!

  3. Oh, I'll have to check this out, I'm a big Joan Allen fan. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. one of my all time favorite artists.. thanks so much for this posting and message...
    will let you know if we plan a trip to napa in september ;)

    miss you! oxx

  5. I adore Joan Allen. I have to check this out:) Sweetie...4th of September is so soon...Awww I am so happy for you:)