Thursday, July 8, 2010

Design and Oil...


These armchairs just blew my mind the other day. I found them at the fantastic Moroso store on Green street in Soho. It has a fantastic movement, the design is stunning to look at and it amazed me with an incredible comfort, especially for a cross sitter like me.

Every day the shadow of the oil spill is hanging like a drape around my head. I can´t watch the news it makes me nauseous. I am honestly trying to escape from it... but that is not the right thing to do and one blog that knows that is the Poppytalk. They have started a wonderful Gulf Relief Market, read more about it here.

Handmade donated work like this ceramic clock by MB Art Studios, can be bought here:

carl sagan quote ceramic clock
(Carl Sagan quote)

A small drop in the Ocean you might think, but at least it is fresh! I hope this nightmare will take an end soon!

Love Kristin


  1. My brother, a design student at Yale, is obsessed with chairs... can't wait to show him this post!


  2. That clock is amazing! I am a cross sitter, too! XO!

  3. That clock is wicked awesome!

  4. love that clock! along with the chair....cant figure out where i would put it in my house though ; )

  5. Hello!

    Thanks for your comment, I also think that succulents are really beautiful :)
    I've been reading a little bit of your blog, it's really interesting, specially when this post of these gorgeous chairs. I love them!