Thursday, July 22, 2010

Event Horizon 2010

Event Horizon March 26 - August 15, 2010


My English friends keep asking me why I am not writing about Antony Gormley? Finally he is having an exhibit in New York. But even the distances in Manhattan sometimes feels far.... Tuesday though I finally ventured to Madison Square Park to view the Iron casted Men (casted out of the artist´s own body). 
Unfortunately my pictures did not come up as exciting as the one above...

I hope you can find the men up there, this would be the perspective from you standing at the ground, looking up without a zoom.
I have a feeling this exhibit actually worked a lot better in London where they held it in 2007, especially since the buildings in New York are too tall for us to view the sculptures close up, it is a bit hard to get an intimate feeling from it.

I am impressed though at the incentive to do these public exhibits, it brings art out to the people in a completely different, more open minded and interactive way. People actually thought there was guys on the roof trying to jump, which then again ended up reminding them of 9/11. It also opens up an interest for Antony Gormley as an Artist for us in New York, in London he is a celebrity.

Here are some of his other projects:

Standing out from the crowd ... British artist Antony Gormley sits
among the 180,000 figurines that make up Asian Field, part
of the Sydney Biennale.
Anthony Gormley in front of his 180,000 terracotta Figurines "Asian Field" at the Sydney Biennale in 2006
Photo: Ben Rushton ©

"Between You and Me" 2009

Quantum Cloud.1999 

Firmament, 2008

Anthony Gormley´s web site is pretty impressive if you would like to see more:)

Have a lovely day:) Kristin


  1. I know, I was reading about this and I thought it might be a bit too traumatic for people after 9/11. I was watching from the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights when the towers collapsed, and that was tragic enough, much less seeing people leaping to their deaths in the city. But, alternately, art is supposed to get us to think, right? Thanks for sharing, Kristin!

  2. I love his work!
    How cool that you got to see it in person!

    Fab post, darling K!


  3. It must be so fun to be an artist that can think up these big exhibits!
    I totally had to google Isadora Duncan...but nice ref! :)

  4. Another great post! Yes- I could see the sculptures on the buildings! Very interesting. I can only imagine how native New Yorkers experienced this exhibit. Very thought provoking.

  5. Oh wow, thank you for sharing! I'd never heard of him so I'm glad you've mentioned this.

  6. between you and me is sooo to check out his website now!

    thanks so much for sharing these works!


  7. That is so interesting...I am so into this and I will for sure read more...Your photos are great! Kisses,sweetie and have a fun weekend....I am off to read more about his work:)

    Kisses my lovely:)

  8. I had to search for the sculptures a moment...but that's what I found interesting about it!

  9. wow...that quantum cloud looks amazing!