Friday, February 19, 2010


Void Gazing Pavillion (Eye), 2007


These last two weeks I have had such a hard time focusing, watching and reading. First I thought that I might just be exhausted, or that it will just pass. Today I am finally going to get it checked out.
Not being able to read more than ten pages before my eyes starts hurting is quite devastating. I feel almost undressed and naked. I am a person who never leaves the house without a book in my purse, but lately I have given up and actually looked at the Saul Bellow book I am reading with dread.  Last night it peaked with an intense headache after watching the wonderful TV- movie "Temple Grandin" I just could not stop and I had to watch it to the end. When I went to bed I covered my eyes with a headband to make me feel like I am placing my eyes restfully back into their sockets and then I drifted off to think about these art pieces, that I viewed a while back. 

The intense "Void Gazing Pavillion (Eye)" by Hsien-Chien Huang followed me into dream world.
This is actually a light box with print on acetate. Looking closely at the eye it has an immense amount of details. It is an unforgettable piece and love at first sight for me.
The artist is from Taiwan and is presented by Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in Chelsea. In the gallery there was also two other fantastic light boxes. The "Silence Roaring Den (Mouth) 2007, and "Vision - Tasting Ward (Nose)" 2007. I am not sure if they still are on view but enjoy the feel of them here and off I go to the vision Doctor. With love!

"Vision-Tasting Ward (Nose) 2007

"The Silence Roaring Den (Mouth") 2007


  1. Hope everything checks out okay with your eyes, darling!

    Gorgeous work!


  2. Much better thank you, Will post something on it now!