Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Andy Goldsworthy


I first discovered Andy Goldsworthy with the movie "Rivers and 
Tides" in 2001, I was stunned by the beauty he could make out 
of the simplest things.

"I stop up at a place or pick up a material
because I feel that there is
something to be discovered"

As soon as I heard there were some pieces of his his work at the La 
Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego in 2003 I had to go.
Living in L.A. at the time it was just a fun little trip. Although, they 
only had a few pieces exhibited, I was able to see his work up close.
How he builds large egg shapes (Chairns) out of stone and how his 
work can be done without intervention of anything else than what is 
given. I also remember a large beautiful wooden sculpture covering 
a whole room.

But this is memories from a long time ago. The reason I want to 
bring him up now is to show you a true ArtEco artist one who is
deeply Environmental, in tune with nature and beauty.
Andy Goldsworthy is a British a Sculptor, Photographer and Environ-
mentaltist now living in Scotland. He creates art in and with nature, 
some to last, others to disappear with time, weather or water...

Watch this little clip and if you enjoy it, watch the "Rivers and Tides"
Documentary. It feels like a deep meditation.
With love!

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  1. I also love Andy Goldsworthy and really enjoyed this film- I have two monkeys and they tend to crave nature- I took all of his books and this film out of the library and they loved all of it.
    I also appreciate his message of environmental sustainability and being one with his material.
    If you are interested here is the link to my post:

    PS: I just clicked back to my blog to get this link and saw that you commented on my plastic post-
    Really glad to meet you in this blog world