Monday, February 22, 2010


Rob Ryan "Can we shall we"

Splash: Paper Under The Knife

"....Taking paper for granted and therein lies it's appeal as an art medium;
it´s true value is discovered only in it´s transformation"

There is an exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design that I would like you to go and see.
If you are not in New York, look at some of these pictures and you can get a sense of the beauty of this show. I have a heart out for Art that combines text, lots of meaning and plots, it folds two of my greatest passions together "Art & Literature". This exhibit was filled with subtext, symbolism and feelings. 

Luckily my eyesight is better again and the vision doctor actually said there is nothing wrong at all. Except that I have to let my new medicine balance itself out (so there, the synthroid is to blame). 
Happy I am, that once again I passed that scare screen and I continue being one of the lucky ones.

So of I am to see more art. I had never visited the Museum of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle before. Shame on me... This was not even the exhibit I intended to see but I stranded in these 2 floors with a heaven of art.   
Beatrice Coron a piece from "Hell"
"Hell, Heaven can be found on the floor above" as  Beatrice Coron´s art is telling us. Dutifully we run upstairs to see if heaven has colors or how it can entice us to want to go there... I am in my pink period so I wished for something pink, my friend was hoping for a rainbow colored heaven. But, "Heaven" was dark and black as "Hell" just a bit lighter when it comes to the amount of images and of course there was no one being hanged.... That was a bit of a disappointment to us but nevertheless the work is impeccable.

If you meet Mr. Gary one of the security guards at the Museum, you are fortunate.  This guy is beaming of passion for art and knowledge. He excitedly told us the story behind "Alex" by Oliver Herring.   
Alex, was a man who had stomach cancer and knowing he was going to die. He contacted Oliver Herring to make a sculpture of him in lots of vibrant colors. He wanted to be remembered as colorful not grey and dying. Oliver Herring makes art where he sculpts the body of his "muse" and takes 100´s of pictures of the body and then fits it all perfectly together. "Alex" was so real we felt like he was breathing, a bit creepy but pretty brilliant.                            

Oliver Herring "Alex"

There is too little space for me to dwell on all of these great artists that is represented. Among, Judy Pfaff "Bogue Lisa" is fantastic, she made me believe her piece smelled like flowers (made of honeycomb, coffee filter etc.) Olafur Eliassen is forever brilliant and his piece here is a smart "Your house" Book.

I want to dwell on two other artists. Andrea Dezso with "Tunnel Books" Small boxes lined up beside each other with a whole world inside every one of them, stunning!
Andrea Dezso "Tunnel Books"

Last Brian Dettmer who performs surgery on illustrated volumes so it turns into something like a graphic novel. Here with "Standard American".
Brian Dettmer "Standard American"

My friend had made lunch reservations at the glorious Jean George, so we had to go! Otherwise I might have still been standing there. So many details, so much beauty and talent.

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