Friday, February 26, 2010

Thomas Demand


If you are looking for a romantic "Clearing" in the middle of Manhattan, a place where you can have a Cocktail, relax in low sofas and enjoy the ambience of a fantastic piece of Art. Then the Bar Room at the Modern is the place to go to.
The Clearing is placed as the backdrop in the Bar Room. First I thought this was a spectacular forrest photography (maybe it was the Cocktail working?). But, when you get more "intimate" with the picture you find that it is a "handmade forrest".
Thomas Demand had help from 30 assistants for this piece and they used about 270, 000 paper leaves, dye cut in 80 different shades. The fabulous light you can see is made of one the strongest movie light you can find "The Sun Machine" and the photograph had to be taken in a hurry so the leaves would not take fire. 

It is gorgeous outside with the snow, but with the school closed, car doors frozen and the cold biting so hard that it is making my fingers stiff. I must admit I would prefer to fall into this forrest and dream of spring.

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