Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Hands are My Heart!

My Hands are My Heart (1991)


"I think about time for art
more than about space for art"

Gabriel Orozco´s exhibit at the MoMa filled me with a mix of great admiration most of the time but also with boredom. His intention? He says he would like to "disappoint" with his paintings and so he does, they are way to repetitive for me. His yoghurt caps and the shoe box does not do anything for me either. But with the photography "My Hands are My Heart" he is forgiven. I am in love with this image! With the red clay "heart" in his hands, it makes me feel like he is holding my heart in his hands. 
(I read somewhere that it could be read as a reference to excrement, I am trying to forget that part).
Other favorites of mine are the "La DS" 1993, a modified Citroen, that has the center removed and put together again into one body without an engine. "Four Bicycles (There is always one Direction)" 1994. One of his many artworks that tends to make use of "O"  a lot, probably as a substitute for "I" a narcissistic fronting of "O"s in his own name. The piece also represents Rotterdam, like a lot of his art it is inspired by and characterizes where it was made. 

Gabrial Orozco has never had his own studio, he always travelled a lot and used what his surroundings was giving him. On the streets finding rubber or a telephone book in an empty apartment he borrows. He also works in Galleries and Museums. He travels light, what a brilliant freedom for art making!

One of the later pieces that is on view at the MoMa is the "Mobile Matrix" 2006. An Archaeological  piece of work with bones from a giant whale found in the National Park in Baja California, Mexico. The skeleton was put together with a team of 20 in Mexico City and decorated with (again) circles. These sort of "Tattoos" though reminds me of beautiful Maorian spirals. This piece will be shipped back Monday to the Public Library in Mexico City where it is a permanent Installation. But, you still have time to see the rest of the exhibit that runs until March 1st. 
Then the Marina Abramovic exhibit "The Artist is Present" begins and I can´t wait to see it.

"Mobile Matrix" 2006