Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tino Sehgal

These are the "Hottest" pictures in Town!
Totally illegal!
Well, We sat at the Guggenheim and pointed our I-phones at the art work... If You dare I dare! And dare we did until the guards waved their warning fingers.
There are no public pictures of this exhibit, no advertisement... and there are for the first time an open Guggenheim cleared of art objects.
Left we are with Tino Sehgals masterly interactive work.

First, we are met by the slow dancing and kissing couple, beautifully choreographed. Then you start moving upwards in the rotunda and you expect nothing. I mean it is empty, what is there to expect? Quickly I am being pulled over by a young girl. "Will you follow me?" "Yes" I answer playfully, what is happening now? Then she starts asking me about "Progress". I was so baffled by the whole concept that I think my answer was rather silly, especially since when I was moved on to the next person, a young man, she told him the word is "Self-Development". So I felt completely outsmarted, by the child....:) Anyway, we moved on with "Self- Development" and when he disappeared (I was left talking to myself) until suddenly a grown man started conversing about a Subway "Research" regarding who is willing to give up their seat? The last person was a kind looking older man who ended with the question "When did you understand that you were and adult?". Help, I thought to myself, do I really need to answer that? Do I have to be an adult? But, he insisted, until he got an adequate answer from me.
You, though will have to make a guess....

It might seem strange, but the whole affair seemed so refreshing.
Having an unexpected conversation that was so "Driven" made
me think about how few interesting conversations happens on a daily basis - and how much I miss it.

I did go by Anish Kapoor´s "Memory". A 24- ton volume of Cor-Ten steel somehow filling up and out of a side room. You had to view it from three different angles and rooms. Somehow looking into the black whole of the piece made me empty and a bit tired.

So, I walked back down and continued watching the love dance waiting for the "Kiss" or the "Gentle touch".
Perfect for a Valentine date view? Or will the questions and the dialogue be too revealing for a new couple?

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