Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SANAA Architects wins the Pritzker Prize!

The New Museum!
their building in Manhattan
An exceptional
box on box Edifice,
I would say 
"Hell, Yes!" 
To the facade.
But I might not
be the greatest fan
of their museum
space inside.
Still exciting to have
such a progressive 
Museum downtown.

Sperone Westwater Gallery
will join them a few buildings
north of it, 
and I promise 
it will not be bleak!
Here it is under construction, today:
& here a rendering of how it will be:
(Foster and Partner image)
(after Bouwerij which is an old Dutch name for farm)!
is the oldest main street going 
had its prime and lost it.
But "Skid Row"
is recovering 
through ART!

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