Monday, March 22, 2010

Stephanie Sinclair


I promised to write about Sinclair after the Whitney Biennial, and here comes a few words about the Woman who takes some of the most haunting and important Human Rights Photographs.
This particular exhibit was in a small room by itself, all around, you could see Women that had done horrendous things to themselves, by self - inflicted burns.
These Women act in extreme desperation after continued abuse from husbands or family.
I am in awe at how Sinclair was given the trust to take these intimate pictures of their bodies. Women who are used to hiding it all, except their eyes.
These pictures achieved something good as well as putting our attention to it and feel for them, they initiated a new burn unit in Herat. I just wish these women did not have to go to such extremes to escape their daily horror.

I am in utter respect for Stephanie Sinclair if you want to look at other pictures from her fantastic photojournalist career, take a peak at her web site.

With love to all the suffering Women out there!

Stephanie Sinclair

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