Monday, March 29, 2010

Tower of Love!

The HEARST Tower
New York
Architect: Foster & Partners

Since it has been raining all day, I feel like turning to a warmer and more sunny story
 therefore I am adding my favorite Tower to my blog!
The Hearst Tower

I can´t say I am objective here
since this is one of the two "building" reasons that made me meet my Man
(the other is The New Globe TheatreA story for later)

Some of the superlatives:
 It is the first Green Building in Manhattan.
HVAC System, outdoor air for cooling and ventilation 
(carbon dioxide emissions slashed by 26%)
The Diagrid (diamond shaped as I would say) steel frame
saved them 20% use of steel comparably to another building of the same size.

This is the building that hosts among other magazines 
"Harper Bazar",
therefore you will see the most gorgeously dressed women walking up the 
water sculpture escalator

In the Atrium there is a gourmet cafeteria
and a 7 story handmade art piece
by Richard Long "Riverlines"

The Building has also been given the sexiest comment ever about a building;

...But the partial sightings of the Hearst Building that are offered up and down Eighth Avenue or along Fifty-seventh Street are so enticing that they end up increasing its allure—like a flash of leg in a slit skirt. 
Paul Goldberger (New Yorker)


  1. Fantastic tower, would be nice f it was 8 storeys taller

  2. Love that comment. Eco friendly & sexy, all in one building. Hot dang!!