Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tim Burton!

The Entrance to the Tim Burton Exhibit
at MoMA!

I found that there has been a lot of writings about Architecture lately, so here is a small spot about Tim Burton in the middle of the "Alice in Wonderland" hysteria - I can´t wait to see the film myself.

I did not think of this exhibit when I went to MoMA and was stunned by all these non-typical people at the museum. I was like "Wow! the museums are really drawing a fascinating crowd these days". It made me so happy to see people sticking out of the crowd, being more gothic, more tattoos....
They were there of course to see Tim Burton!

Tim Burton who reinvented a Hollywod genre film making, made films that cannot be compared visually with any, like "Edward Scissorhands", "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Ed Wood" are some of my favorites. This exhibit explores the full range of his creative work, even from childhood. Also you get to see some of the costumes and exciting cinematic ephemera.

He shares his life - and children with the actress Helena Bonham Carter (who played my absolute favorite Ophelia).

This incredibly rare and popular show has only a couple of weeks left to go and will end the 26th of April. If you plan to go you should book tickets.

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  1. I really like Tim Burton, and I'm glad to see that theres more information about him ..