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Whitney started with an Annual American Artist show in 1932 and continued shifting between painters and Sculptors until they in 1973 found that it was no ground to differ between the two art forms and therefore combined the two into a Biennal.
To be part of this show you must either be born an American or live in America, so interestingly enough and wonderfully so, there are a lot of foreign born artists involved.
As an undercover photographer I did not get many gorgeous shots but I will show you a few.
I did not find much of sexual or sensual art (has this generation lost its affection for love and passion I asked my self) but I did find a toilet:
Claes Oldenburg, Soft Toilet 1966

Now this is is from the Biennal permanent collection which is being shown on the upper floors, where I started. I did see flowers: (after the horrifying but amazing pictures by Stephanie Sinclair which I will have to write more about later, it felt like a breath of fresh air)
 Charles Ray, Untitled one little part of 15 ink of papers 2004-2009

I found a "grande" stage design:
Piotr Uklanski, Untitled (the year we make contact)
& Red Dwarf 2010

I found smoke:

                          Pae White, Still, untitled 2010

And my absolute favorite, An Ambulance film screen:
The Bruce high Quality foundation
"We like America and America likes us"

A fantastic story cut and pasted together by film cuts with an intriguing story of a sort of love and hate relationship with America, America portrayed as a Woman.

We fucked America to make her disappear

So there I found myself a Love story, and I sat through it to the end.

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