Friday, March 19, 2010

Henie Onstad Center - Oslo

Finnmark (1965)


There has been no sign of life on this little blog since I quickly ended up in Norway for a couple of wonderful winter weeks. I did not have much time for Art unfortunately, but did manage to go to the Henie Onstad Center. The Center is located in the Oslo Fjord, actually a fabulous place to go for a glass of wine on a warm summer day. In the winter time it feels a bit more dull, but still worth a trip.
Sonja Henie is one of Norway´s greatest prides, she was a fantastic figure skater and also (one of the really few) that had a career as a film "Star". The museum is dedicated to her (and her trophies).
As one of the nations most important cultural sites it also has a sculpture park and it´s own collection of Art. The Architectual Neo-Expressionistic building was built in 1968 and an extention for Exhibits was built in 1994. This time they had one with John Cage and Anna-Eva Bergman.

Stor Sirkel (1968)
Anna-Eva Bergman (1909-1987) was probably more famous abroad than in Norway. She seemed to have lived an interesting life befriending people like Picasso and Braque. Her earlier work is more known than the later. Several of the later paintings has actually never been shown in Norway before.
I wanted therefore to share these gorgeous Norwegian nature inspired Art with you. Notice the light!

Stor Dal (1960)

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