Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do you know what kind of Gallery this is?

Leslie/Lohman Gallery

The Gallery I was supposed to go to was closed, so I skipped up the stairs to the Leslie/Lohman Gallery after a well dressed man with a dripping umbrella.

I come up behind him and he turns to me and just stares....
I am like yeah! Should he not open the door?
He asks "Do you know what kind of Gallery this is?"
I "Eh, No actually..."
"Well, this is a Gay Gallery"
Then he opens the door and closes it behind him, and walks behind the reception desk and tschitshatting, about me? I wonder?.

I was so baffled, I just stood there, should I just go inside and tease him?
But, I left, slowly going back down the stairs, feeling like a child that had a warning about what not to do!

But, what surprises me is that on their web site they say that they need more support than ever, and that:

"Work that displays an unambiguously queer sensibility has been, and often still is, denied access to 
mainstream venues"

Anyway, here are a couple of pics from former openings that I like:

Alex Geana
Boy in the bathtub

Althea Keaton "Bright Idea"

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