Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Affordable art!

Jay Kelly
Jim Kempner Fine Art

So where can one find affordable Art?
Does it exist in Chelsea?

With the market being rougher,
the prices are going down.
the Artists are maybe among the ones who
 feel it the hardest?
Not the already grand and famous
Not the status symbol Artists
they continue to hit the Bank.
But Chelsea is now 
a place where if you look well
you can find something fabulous for 
your wallet as well!

All these sculptures and paintings 
are from 
$2,500 and up!

Jay Kelly chose to keep these pieces

I asked the Gallery lady about this
and she answered with lips pointing
Well you can name them yourself
Ahahaha.. of course, that is
what I can do....hmpf

Well, I do love titles...
it creates often a stronger emotion for me,
like the artist puts a
story behind his pieces
that he/she would like to share.

But, title aside
They are kind of interesting
these small sculptures
and maybe this is a place to start collecting?
& they are selling like hot bread,
not many sculptures left:)

For more affordable art the
May 6h to May 9th 
is coming
up and I am definitely 
going to be there!

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