Friday, April 16, 2010

Sparkle Burst!

Camomile Hixon 
Tria Gallery

Last night there was a great happening at the Tria Gallery, lots of fun, hot people looking happy to be right there at that moment.
Yes, there was a lot to be happy about! Because Camomile Hixon creates vibrate upbeat pop Art! & as we know, Art can easily affect our mood one way or the other.
Are you for real 

This is Camomile Hixon´s first show and she seemed gigglingly excited. She has background as a musician and a songwriter and from there brings these melodic messages into her Art.
Golden sparks

"In her art she seeks to isolate poetry fragments in silence and without the movement of melody. The shimmering quality of the glitter breathes life into the words, and allows for a deeper resonance with subtle meanings and interpretations."  - Tria Gallery

Bellow is my favorite burst, and appropriately it is called "The Grand Finale".
(detail)The Grand Finale

I hope they will all sell quickly and keep Camomile giggling!

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