Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Inside Out

Saturday night 2007
Gana Art Gallery
Sook Kim is a Korean Artist living in New York?, exhibiting in a Korean oriented gallery in Chelsea. The C-prints shown here though felt immediately very German to me. Repeatedly I had to look at the name of the artist and the pictures and finally I had to ask. The artist had been studying with Thomas Ruff  (Kunstakademia Dusseldorf) who is famous for his method of conceptual serial photography. Which you can see reflected in these pieces. Saturday night, a fantastic, well put together photography took about three years to arrange.
Detail, Saturday night 2007
One room has been styled over and over again into small scenes and then placed together into one building. Here you see two of the rooms, they all have their own special theme. It is really remarkable to be able to live yourself so much into each and every story, probably since the pictures seem completely bare of secrecy.

Detail Saturday night 2007, Room 308

I also want to show you two other photographs from Sook Kim´s solo exhibit, to portray her detailed inventiveness;
Heroin, 2008

Die Auktion, 2006

Notice the wishful mirror on the Heroin picture.....

A small print of Saturday night could possibly be bought for $3,000, which seems kind of strange to me since the large copy (460x300 cm) was priced a lot, lot higher... 
A fantastic buy I would say!


  1. Vet du, disse var jo helt til å miste pusten av! Sook Kim vil jeg gjerne se og lese mer om. Ha en fiiin dag!!

  2. Thank you! I would love to by her print actually, if there still are some left when I can. I am so lucky seeing such brilliant art. Going to an opening tonight:) Kiss

  3. Very cool exhibit!
    I need to go gallery-hopping in NYC asap!


  4. Yes you do! There are so many fabulous exhibits right now it blows my mind:) Thank you!

  5. I knew why they looked familiar to me! I saw them last easter in a Gallery in Cologne! Amazing! :-) Germany-Korea-USA-Norway... all connected in Art!