Friday, April 30, 2010

Seed Cathedral

Thomas Heatherwick Shanghai Expo UK Pavilion photo

I would love to be in Shanghai this weekend for the opening of the World Fair. There will be 230 pavilions and some of them looks just fantastic. Look at this UK pavilion by designer Thomas Heatherwick. The "Seed Cathedral" is named for its seeds on top of the transparent rods.

Heatherwick Shanghai Expo Seed Cathedral photo

Here is the Turkish Pavilion
"The Cradle of Civilization"

South Korean Pavilion By Mass Studies:

The Spanish Pavilion by Miralles Tagliabue:

Photos from the fabulous Dezeen Design Magazine.

In New York Times today though, they are saying there are long lines and a shortage of food supply already the first day at the Fair. So maybe it's better to look at these images for now and enjoy the gorgeous weather we are supposed to have in New York this weekend. 
Have a fab weekend, With Love!

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