Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is Red?

Red on Maroon

Golden Theatre
Last night I was lucky enough to see the new play "RED" written by John Logan on Broadway. 
Mark Rothko and his work will have a completely different place in my heart after this. I always had a feeling that his work was rushed and not thought through. Well, I was completely wrong. This man is a "thinker". He says, that to know Art you need to know Mythology, History, Philosophy, Psychology.... and he goes on and on. 

"the Process of Art is thinking. Did they not tell you that at Art 

"You need to read to know art"

Alfred Molina, is doing a fabulous job interpreting... being this legendary Artist. I was worried that he would be too much of a Diego Rivera Character for me, since I have seen him in the Frida Kahlo movie. But no, this was a completely different man. It has been questioned if the Artist Assistant played by Eddie Redmayne might be a bit too free spoken for the time. But, I think this guy has lost everything before... what more is there to lose?
Michael Grandage I congratulate you on the direction of especially the "Dancing" paint sequence. Very surprising and exciting!

I will give you a few of the "hit" sentences that I wrote down in the dark, they might not be completely correct but you will hopefully be able to feel the great flow of the play.

"Nature does not work for me, the light is no good"

"There is one thing I fear, that the black will swallow the red"

"Artists should Starve, except me"

"The Artists that grew up with me, we understood the importance of seriousness"

"I am here to make you think. I am not here to paint a pretty picture".

It´s all a very sad story that is being portrayed about an Artist struggling with himself, as History shows repeatedly most of them do. I think if you go as deep into yourself to find the power to create such strong impregnable work, it is unavoidable for any kind of Artist.

Rothko says that Pollock killed himself with his car accident, his assistant says the Four Seasons paintings would be Rothko´s own Suicide...
Alfred Molina & Eddy Redmayne
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  1. Just noticed the Mark Rothko painting on "Mad Men" I had totally forgotten about that scene:)

  2. Gorgeous post, darling!
    I love Rothko!


  3. Takk for at du delte dette, nettopp slik lesing er så inspirerende. Kjente at det vekket interessen min for Mark Rothko, kom som tidligere nevnt borti kunstneren i bøkene til Anne Gjeitanger.