Saturday, April 10, 2010

Queen of Endurance!

Marina Abramovic

The Artist is Present
And yes she really is. Who could ever compete with this woman? Born in 1946 and still gorgeous! Sitting still staring at the individual in front of her for nearly 3 months like a silent woman with a very large loud message.  Self mutilating to the extreme. Screams the longest, jumps naked for ever, drinks wine and oil, beats herself to exhaustion before she goes and lies down on top of a cross of ice and a heater that keeps the blood pippling from the star that she has cut on her belly. To the extent that the audience have to interfere and take her away before they are afraid she will get some serious physical problems. Lives in public view for 12 days and nights, lies with a skeleton over her naked body to get to know death better. Stands naked with another man and asks the audience to pass through. Tells her audience she takes full responsibility for their actions and puts out scissors, knifes, guns, whips, roses..... etc for them to do whatever they want with her. 
This Woman is unbeatable, I would pick her as one of the greatest people to have dinner with, I am just so curious. How can anybody ever be so disciplined, have an endurance that is quite inhuman for the name of ART! 
The exhibit is still going on at the MoMA and you cannot miss it! You can hate it or love it, but you will definitely feel something strong! and that should be the purpose of ART!

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