Friday, April 23, 2010

Reading and thinking....

Girl reading a letter (1996)


One should have Earth Day more often!
I took time off to do a lot of of "Reading" both for me and the boys. Everything in the house sort of calmed down and I ended the day with looking through the Book MoMA published in 2002 about Gerhard Richter. The book shows a few of his Seascape paintings that reminds me of where I live right now. Then I fell asleep to the sounds of waves, feeling Harmony!
Hope you had a wonderful Earth day as well:)

Seascape 1969
(The cloudy version is in the book)

..... Now off to NYU to learn more about appraising Art.


  1. GERHARD RICHTER is one of my favorite artist ,also his "Two Candles" painting is lovely~

  2. Hey Miky! Actually the "Two Candles" Painting would have fitted perfectly in here with the the Earth Day subject:) Thanks for your comment:)

  3. Gerhard Richter!!!! I love him... Thank you Kristin!!!

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