Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Somewhere else!

(insert) Somewhere else, 38x48, 2010

Eric Zener
At the Henoch Gallery, in Chelsea they are showing a solo exhibit of  Eric Zener´s work. A Californian Artist most known for his underwater oil paintings. I somehow preferred his sleeping "Somewhere else" painting and hopefully that is not because I am so tired... But look at the peace she is in, ahhh.
The stillness in "And the waves keep rolling by" makes me take a breather and think about what a great title that is for this painting. The "Carriage" title though for the empty bed makes you feel, there must be some sadness here.
I thoroughly enjoy the way he plays with the stories in his paintings. An example of how much a title can bring you somehow closer to the object.
(insert) Carriage, 54x66, 2010

And the waves keep rolling by, 2010

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